For Industry

Through RRUKA, industry has access to a wealth of knowledge, capability and potential solutions to rails problems and opportunities. By engaging with RRUKA, companies can make and develop links with universities and researchers, get expert input into their business and access research funds to meet real-world challenges.

Find out how your company can benefit from RRUKA.

Planned events

Find out what events we have
scheduled that may be of interest to your company and vote on ideas for future events

Propose an event

Do you need some creative thinking about a problem or opportunity facing your business?
Why not propose an event where you can access some of the brightest minds in the UK.

Work with academia

Do you need some research? Find out about the different ways our members can help deliver solutions to your business.
Research isn’t all about long PhDs…

Members’ capabilities

Are you looking for some expertise? Find out what our members can offer in our directory of our members’ capabilities.

Funding opportunities

Are you looking for financial support for your research? Find out what research and innovation competitions and funding opportunities are available

What’s in SPARK

Find out what’s in SPARK, why you should register and how you could help academia by letting them know what’s going on at your company

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