How to become a registered researcher of RRUKA

By joining RRUKA you will be joining an already thriving community of academics who undertake research addressing issues of importance to the railways and will make contact with the industry parties who could inform, support, use and fund your research.


Membership of RRUKA is recognised at institutional level. UK universities of other institutions eligible to receive research council funding are eligible to become members. All such institutions with the capability to undertake research that can be of benefit to the railway sector are entitled to be members: the only requirement is to demonstrate this capability.

Industry companies do not need to join RRUKA to enjoy its benefits.


Step 1

Step 2

Individual registers for
access to SPARK

Application is processed

Step 3

Individual becomes a
registered RRUKA
researcher gaining access
to all benefits. Individual is
granted contributor level
access to SPARK.

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