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By joining RRUKA, you can put yourself ‘on the rail research map’. Members can develop enhanced academic and industrial contacts and better focus research on areas of known industry need – with the potential to gain industry support and leverage funding.

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Join RRUKA to get all the benefits of membership. Many events and activities are only open to registered researchers of our members.

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Are you looking for financial support for your research? Find out what research and innovation competitions and funding opportunities are

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Is there a subject area or topic where industry and academic experts rarely meet to discuss the issues? Could an RRUKA event fill this gap? Why not propose an event…

What’s in SPARK

Find out what’s in SPARK why you should register and how your could raise your profile and increase industrial interest in your work

“I would participate again – it is a good way of seeking to apply my experience from another industry to the railway”

Coventry University

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