Business Plan

About the 2016/17 development plan

Rail Research UK Association(RRUKA) was established in 2010 and its committee met for the first time in January 2011.

Starting from a blank canvas, we had to decide how the Association was going to achieve its remit of being a partnership between industry and academia. We wanted to build on the success of the initial RRUK EPSRC grants, yet distinguish RRUKA as a new enterprise open to all universities and with industry having a much greater involvement.

Since then, RRUKA has firmly established itself in the research landscape. We have initiated many activities which have formed the keystone of the bridge joining industry and academia. Nearly 50 universities and a wide cross-section of industry representatives have enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to foster relationships with each other; gaining a greater understanding of what researchers can offer and what issues industry faces. Our events have been hugely successful and our website paves the way for greater engagement and communications.

We now have the foundation of a strong partnership and are in the position to understand how to build on the success we have achieved and what additional services and activities we could deliver to enhance the value of these relationships and strengthen future railway research and the benefits it can bring to industry. This business plan represents the next steps in the evolution of the Association.

The plan covers activities to be initiated and or delivered through the 2016/17 period. It sets out the main functions and the range of services RRUKA will provide for its membership and the rail industry over this period, covering existing and additional services and setting out our targets and goals.

Click the link below to download a copy of the plan.



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