RRUKA Executive Committee 2014 Elections: Cast Your Votes Now!

Many thanks to all those who have submitted their nominations / prompted individuals to nominate themselves for the RRUKA Executive Committee. We have now reached the voting stage of the process.

Information about each of the candidates can be found in the ‘Nominee supporting statement pack’ found below. The primary contact for each institution is asked to please consider each of these in turn, and cast their votes by completing the form at the bottom of this page.

Please note the following rules:

Voting Rules

  • Each institution may cast up to 4 votes – these will be of equal weighting
  • Only votes submitted by an institution’s primary contact will be accepted
  • If your institution has put forward a candidate you must take part in the voting process. Votes cannot however be made for a candidate based at the primary contact’s own institution
  • You can only submit the voting form once
  • Although institutions may cast votes in favour of more than one candidate from any single institution, only one candidate (the candidate with the greatest number of votes) from a single institution may be elected.
  • You cannot vote for the same candidate more than once
  • The ballot is secret and votes will be confidential to the RRUKA Secretariat and RSSB


Count and Announcement of Results

  • The Secretariat will count the votes and prepare a list of elected candidates.
  • In the event of a tie, the outcome will be decided by the drawing of lots.
  • The result of the election, including candidates elected but ineligible due to the University representation limit will be announced by the Secretariat via e-mail and on the RRUKA website when it is known.
  • The next meeting of the Executive Committee is scheduled for September / October.


 Existing Committee Members:

  • Dr David Fletcher – University of Sheffield
  • Mr Daniel Johnson – University of Leeds
  • Dr William Marsh  – Queen Mary University of London
  • Professor Andrew Starr – Cranfield University

Please submit your institution’s response by completing the form below. Remember you have a total of up to 4 votes.

RRUKA Executive Committee 2014 Elections - Voting Form

Primary contacts please cast your votes. Remember you may cast up to 4 votes.


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