RRUKA Executive Committee 2012 Election Results

Following the 2012 Elections we are pleased to announce and welcome our four newly elected Executive Committee members. We look forward to their participation in the governance of and strategic thinking for the Association and look forward to meeting them in the New Year.

The new committee members are:

Mr Daniel Johnson (University of Leeds)
I am a transport economist with over 12 years’ experience at the Institute of Transport Studies, with particular specialism in Rail Transport Economics, Passenger and Freight modelling…I see [the Executive Committee] as a way to engage with industry…to understand their research needs and to communicate to industry the latest relevant academic research and illustrate how this work could benefit them. From my past and current experiences I understand and appreciate the importance of a multi-disciplinary approach, drawing together rail engineering and economics research”.


Professor Andrew Starr (Cranfield University)
“Professor Andrew Starr leads the Through-life Engineering Services Institute at Cranfield University, which includes the EPSRC National Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Through-life Engineering Services and the Integrated Vehicle Health Management Centre. He also launched Cranfield’s rail interest group, which works in technology, safety and management…Andrew researches in condition monitoring and e-maintenance to support industrial solutions”.


The re-elected members are:

Dr David Fletcher (University of Sheffield)
“I am a senior lecturer in Mechanical Engineering and have been active in railway research since 1995. I was a member of RRUK from its foundation, and have worked closely with the industry throughout this time…I have strong links with Network Rail, and ongoing projects with RSSB and Tata Steel, giving me a good understanding of current industry needs and the difficulties in translating research into successful solutions on the network. In addition to UK experience my research includes EU, Japanese and Korean collaborators, giving me insight into their strategies for conducting productive research an employing the results to improve their railway systems”.


Dr Jeffrey Priest (University of Southampton)
“I am a lecturer in geotechnical engineering at the University of Southampton and have been actively involved in rail research for the last 8 years. I have strived in my research to develop new tools and methodologies for improving our understanding of the railway track foundations, as well as developing a wider understanding of the rail transportation system”. I…would like the opportunity to continue on the committee and help further develop the role of RRUKA in building long-lasting links between academia and the rail industry”.


The new members join our existing committee members:

  • Professor Simon Iwnicki (University of Huddersfield) – Academic Co-Chair
  • Mr Colin Dennis (RSSB) – Industry Co-Chair
  • Mr Andy Doherty (Network Rail)
  • Professor TX Mei (University of Salford)
  • Professor Felix Schmid (University of Birmingham)
  • Professor Sarah Sharples (University of Nottingham)

and will be working on RRUKA activities and events over the course of the next few years.

Our co-chairs thank the departing committee members – Professor Roger Goodall (University of Loughborough) and Dr Andrew Smith (University of Leeds) for their hard work during the first two years of RRUKA and look forward to welcoming the new committee and to putting in place the next stage of our plans. The next scheduled elections are in two years.

The Executive Committee will be meeting in January to look at the Association’s activities into 2012 after the RTS and Risk events. If you have an idea that you might like to share with us, why not get in touch.



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