Next Generation Rail 2015: SkillShops

Learning new skills is essential to support your continuous professional development.

During the course of the conference, topic experts will run two sessions of SkillShops (one on Thursday 2 July and one on Friday 3 July). These are 1.5 hrs skill focussed workshops, where you will have the opportunity to enhance a range of soft skills and learn how to best put them in practise in your day-to-day job.

You will be able to select the SkillShop you would like to attend on the registration form.


A. Write a successful proposal
  • Techniques to write a successful proposal
  • What makes a proposal a winning proposal?
  • What types of funding are available and from whom (industry, government, research councils etc.)?
  • How to access funding and enter competitions
B. Project Manage like a pro
  • “It’s not the plan that is important, it’s the planning”: how to manage a successful project
  • Ensuring management satisfaction and managing stakeholders’ expectations
  • Project management for industrial and academic work
C. Articulate!
  • Getting your message across to others: the key to good communication
  • Master your presentation and public speaking skills: address different types of audience
  • Presentation tools and delivery techniques: which ones should be used and when?
  • How to be remembered for all the right reasons
D. Innovation, Innovation, Innovation
  • What is innovation?
  • Why innovation is essential?
  • Where and when does innovation take place
  •  Who are rail innovators
  • How to innovate? Tools and techniques.
E. Think lean.
  • Lean technique and Six Sigma fundamentals
  • Best practice deployment
  • Key tools and techniques
F. All for one and one for all
  • Building a collaborative team environment
  • Communicating and working in a team
  • How to lead a team effectively
G. Achieving impact
  • What is impact and how to measure it?
  • Design research with impact in mind: tools and strategies to help maximise research impact
  • The role of industry and stakeholders
  • Other ways to achieve impact





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