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RRUKA and IMechE Railway Division joined forces for the third year in a bid to find this year’s Best Young Rail Researcher.

Open to young rail professionals and early career researchers, this award recognises the work of a single individual and acknowledges the contribution(s) they have made to both their organisation and today’s GB rail as a whole.

With options to submit your own entry or nominate a colleague, the award presents an opportunity for all to help retain young talent in the rail industry, by promoting it as a fulfilling and rewarding career choice.

We cast the net far and wide, but for 2016 the search is over…

We are pleased to announce that the judging panel
has awarded the 2016 prize to:

Dr Yousif Muhamedsalih
Research Fellow
University of Huddersfield


Yousif initially joined the University of Huddersfield to study for an MSc in Control Systems and Instrumentation, graduating in November 2009 and continuing his studies at the University with a PhD in control systems. Currently working as a research fellow within University of Huddersfield’s Institute of Railway Research, Yousif has an interest in understanding different types of maintenance regimes and how the industry could develop a maintenance strategy.

The panel awarded him with this year’s prize based on his work on research into Economic Tyre Turning (ETT) on GB Railways. This research provides valuable and strong evidence to support the case that train operators should be allowed to implement ETT policies and will provide the opportunity to exploit the cost savings associated with ETT without a significant detrimental effect on the infrastructure over which they operate.

Winning this award not only supports the development of my profile as a rail researcher, it also motivates me to take my research up to the next level…the uniqueness of this award is the significant positive impact it can have on the winners’ career, helping them to develop and build an effective network of contacts in the rail industry

(L-R) David Milne (University of Southampton), Yousif Muhamedsalih (University of Huddersfield), Scott Saunders (Sperry Rail/ University of Manchester), Richard East (IMechE Rail Division Chair)

Yousif presented his work at the RRUKA Annual Conference which took place on 3 November at Kings Place in London. Runner up prizes were also awarded to:

  • David Milne (University of Southampton) Development and application of new techniques for monitoring critical zones on ballasted railway track
  • Scott Saunders (Sperry Rail / University of Manchester)
    Automatic defect detection in rail steel using signals from eddy current sensors


We would like to thank all judges, entrants and supporters of this year’s award. If you would like to know more about this award, or the 2016 winners please contact us.

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