FutureRailway University Partners

An exciting opportunity for all UK Universities…


FutureRailway wish to select the universities it will support in current and future bids for funding to create rail R&D capability. This is intended to be a vital step towards creating national ‘Centres of Excellence’ for the rail industry. RRUKA provides a central focus for all research institutions who undertake research that can benefit the rail industry. FutureRailway, through RRUKA, wish to give universities the opportunity to submit proposals to be selected as academic partners for ‘centres of excellence’ covering one or more portfolios from the Rail Technical Strategy.

To find out more download the Request for Proposals document.

Express your interest using the form below.


Expression of interest - FutureRailway University Partners

Please complete this form if you wish to receive further information on how to apply as a Centre of Excellence. We will respond shortly. OPEN TO RRUKA MEMBERS ONLY.
    If your institution is not currently registered as an RRUKA member, you will not be eligible to apply for this opportunity. For apply for institutional membership please visit: http://rruka.org.uk/membership/institutional-membership/


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