£2 million research funding for new materials innovation

£2 million research funding is at stake to explore new materials which could reduce whole life asset costs.

The rail industry’s aim to build a higher capacity railway currently results in millions of pounds on renewal, installation and maintenance costs. Therefore there is a great need for new and sustainable materials to be introduced into the industry to improve the way trains operate and to effectively save money.

Existing materials which could be applied to rail include nanocomposite structures, fibre-reinforced polymers, self-healing materials, self-monitoring materials and graphene-based news materials.

RSSB and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) are welcoming applications to build a number of cross-disciplinary consortia to carry out research into novel applications for materials to reduce whole life asset costs.


Download the call for funding below:

You can visit the RSSB website for more information.



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